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Common Types of Injuries in Auto Accidents

accident - victim in a crashed vehiclePennsylvania’s roads witness a significant number of auto accidents annually, leading to a vast spectrum of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. The impact of these accidents on victims can be profound, with the potential for long-lasting or even permanent effects.

At Sharma Law Office, our car accident attorney in Easton, PA, understands the gravity of auto incidents and the myriad of injuries they can inflict. This article delves into the typical injuries sustained in auto accidents in Pennsylvania, providing insight into the physical consequences that may arise from such unfortunate events.

Auto Accident Injuries

When auto accidents occur, the injuries can vary depending on the severity of the incident, the safety features of the vehicle, and the circumstances leading up to the collision. Below are common injuries that occupants may sustain:

Scrapes and Cuts

During a collision, loose objects inside the car, shattered glass, and metal can cause scrapes and cuts. While often minor, these injuries can be severe and require medical attention. While they might seem minor at first, these scrapes and cuts can worsen over time, potentially causing infections or leaving permanent scars.


Bruises are a common result of the force exerted on the body during a car accident. The impact can cause superficial capillaries to burst, leading to discoloration and tenderness. Beyond the visible signs, bruises can also indicate deeper tissue damage, highlighting the importance of thorough medical evaluation.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage, including sprains and strains, occurs when the body’s connective tissues are stretched due to sudden movements caused by a collision. These injuries might not be immediately apparent but can lead to chronic pain and discomfort if left untreated.

Neck Injury and Whiplash

One of the most prevalent injuries, particularly in rear-end collisions, is neck injury, often in the form of whiplash. This involves a rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, akin to the cracking of a whip, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion.


A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can occur when the head is violently shaken or struck. Symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, and memory issues, necessitating immediate medical attention.

Facial Injuries

Facial injuries in auto accidents can result from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, airbags, or shattered glass, leading to lacerations and bruises to more severe fractures, necessitating extensive medical treatment, including stitches, surgery, or even reconstructive procedures. Beyond the physical pain, facial injuries can have profound psychological and emotional effects, underscoring the importance of comprehensive care and support for the victims.

These injuries, while common, are far from exhaustive. They underscore the necessity for a skilled injury attorney in Easton to ensure adequate compensation and support for recovery.

Statutes of Limitations for Auto Accident Injury Claims

In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is typically 2 years from the date of the accident (42 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5524(2)). This legal timeframe serves as a critical reminder of the need to take swift action.

Consulting with an experienced car accidents attorney in Easton, PA, without delay is imperative. By doing so, you not only protect your right to seek compensation but also ensure that crucial evidence is preserved, witnesses’ memories are fresh, and legal proceedings can begin in a timely manner.

Delaying in seeking legal assistance could potentially jeopardize your ability to secure the compensation you deserve. Act promptly to safeguard your rights.

Why Choose Sharma Law Office?

From soft tissue damage to severe concussions, recovering from auto accident injuries can be a lengthy, challenging process. It requires not only medical intervention but also skilled legal representation to ensure the injured party receives just compensation.

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