Easton PA Truck Accident Attorney

truck crashing into carThere are car crashes, and then there are truck accidents. Regular cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians do not stand a chance against the enormous weight and size of trucks.

These big vehicles cause terrible injuries that result in death or permanent disabilities. Those lucky enough to live often have a terrible time. They deal with the burden of tremendous financial, emotional, and physical damage.

A truck accident attorney in Easton PA will get the victims of horrific crashes a fair settlement. A settlement covers any medical expenses, property damage, or wage loss.

Trucking Industry

Truck drivers are responsible for the safe transportation of goods. The trucking industry has guidelines they must follow to ensure this. The problem is the industry has a way of indirectly incentivizing rapid delivery.

Truckers must adhere to strict quotas and deadlines to get these incentives. Unfortunately, some drivers use reckless tactics on the road to achieve them. They disregard regulations and put the safety of others at risk.


Negligent truck drivers cause serious damage. It is important you call 911 after a crash.

It does not matter if you feel fine at the moment. Adrenaline masks injuries, so they do not manifest as quickly.

Getting medical attention is critical for your health. It also gives you an immediate and official medical record of your truck accident. Insurance companies will use the time it takes to seek medical attention against you if they can.

Hiring an Easton Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial truck accident investigations differ from the ones for regular cars. For instance, your personal injury attorney Easton PA must hasten to secure the truck’s black box recordings.

If they cannot do so, there is a possibility that it can compromise important evidence. If this happens, it is harder to prove one’s fault.

Big truck companies fight hard to maintain the innocence of their drivers. Their insurance providers aggressively deny fault in truck accident claims.

Our lawyers understand these tactics, so they know how to fight them. They will get you compensation for all the damage the accident caused.

There are also some cases where the best decision is to settle. You will need an experienced Easton truck accident attorney who knows how to negotiate on your side.

The lawyers at our firm understand the devastation that a truck accident causes. That is why we fight so hard to uphold the rights of the injured throughout the state.

We are passionate about getting an outcome that secures our clients’ futures. This is how we have won millions for them. We can do the same for you. Contact us today to find out how.